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Cue Education focuses on child education and operates in three streams of businesses: Cue Children, Cue Drama and Page Studio.

Cue Drama is the leading drama school chain in town. At Cue Drama, our mission is to provide an environment for children to learn the fine art of drama using English as the medium of interaction, all while enhancing their self-confidence and communication skills.

At Cue Children, we teach children social etiquette from their early childhood up to their teenage years. We help parents foster sound values, attitudes and manners in their children, forming an important supplement to conventional education, which often focuses almost purely on academics. Moreover, we encourage the participation of parents in helping educate their children about proper etiquette, as they are an integral part of their child’s character formation.

Page Studio is a photography studio which provides professional yet innovative photo shooting services to institutions and individuals.

We focus on three core elements to ensure a quality experience for your children:

  1. Working with English-speaking teachers who exemplify a passion for drama;
  2. Curating only the most exciting workshops, fully supported by our talented team; and
  3. Allowing the children themselves to create moments of pure magic.

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Confidence, Upbringing and Etiquette!

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Little Miss Hong Kong - 面試及衣著禮儀

Little Miss Hong Kong - 課堂禮儀

2023 Cue Drama 夏季公開表演精華片段

2023 Cue Dram Showcase 精彩表演片段

Learning to play, playing to learn

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