Our Advocacy​

We believe that social etiquette should not be exclusive to the West or to the East, nor to just one social class, gender, or level of education – it should be for everyone. No matter where one is in the world, the spirit of social etiquette is the same – it is about respect and consideration for other people, and about how to put others at ease around you.

At Cue Children, we teach children social etiquette from their early childhood up to their teenage years. We help parents foster sound values, attitudes and manners in their children, forming an important supplement to conventional education, which often focuses almost purely on academics. How one stands, how one sits, how one works, how one enters a room, how one presents themselves to others, and how one makes others around them feel, is often the basis by which their character is first judged by the general public.

Moreover, we encourage the participation of parents in helping educate their children about proper etiquette, as they are an integral part of their child’s character formation.