Fable Masters (ages under 7)

Storytelling enables us to unlock our imagination, bringing colour to a grey world. The ability to tell a story well is developed when we are children and it is at this stage that Fable Masters assists children in developing their creativity.

Our professional drama practitioners have many years’ experience assisting children in discovering their love for reading and telling stories. With each story class, your child will learn how to be brave in the face of adversity, how to cooperate with those close to them, how to accept everyone for who they are and how to distinguish the wrong choice from the right one. We also learn new vocabulary words through fun, interactive games and activities, fully grasping their meaning within the context, as well as pronouncing them properly.

“Once upon a time” starts with Cue’s Fable Masters. Join us on this magical journey!

Young Performers (ages 3-7)

Young Performers is our flagship English Drama program for group work among younger students. Over twelve weeks, students rehearse songs, poems and dialogue while touching on technical aspects of theatre. At the end of the rehearsal period, students have a sharing session for family and friends to display their newfound skills and show off their hard work.

Performance Goals

YP (ages 3-5)

Share a short play with teacher assistance

YP (ages 5-7)

Sharing a short play with (up to) two songs, without teacher assistance or prompting.

** As students continue with our program, more advanced performance opportunities will arise.

Rehearsal Room available

Musical Theatre (ages 7+)

Musical Theatre is one of our most popular programs for students that is at the core of our English-based drama curriculum. This program continues to build confidence, teamwork, creativity and communication skills, whilst also fine-tuning students’ performing arts skills. There are two different routes to pursue with two levels each, gradually growing in difficulty: Silver and Gold.

​Performance Goals
MT (ages 7-8)
Share a short musical with teacher assistance.

MT (ages 8-9)
Share a musical with slight assistance.

MT (ages 9+)
Sharing a musical with no teacher assistance.

Musical Theatre Stage (Seasonal)

The pinnacle of Cue Drama group-based theatre is Musical Theatre Stage (MTS), which utilizes all of the skills the students have mastered from Young Performers, and Musical Theatre in a full production in front of a live audience. The aim of this class is to prepare the students for the stage and all elements of theatre will be investigated in this high-level course. This class is subject to head teacher approval, as it lines up thematically with one the most demanding exams.
Performance Goals: Staging a full production (with a minimum of 6 students)