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Cue Children join hands with Lee Gardens

This Fall, Lee Gardens join hands with Cue Children and runs first ever royal etiquette workshops. Families, children, all come and have precious family moment at the Lee Gardens, and let children themselves unleash the potential of being little dukes and duchesses.

Little Miss Hong Kong

The Etiquette Coaches of Cue Children have been preparing 12 young girls for them to be Little Miss Hong Kong who come with beauty and wisdom. The first episode has been released in the《Kids, Think Big》on 10th August (Friday) for consecutive weeks, every Friday 4:30pm. Please click here to view the episodes.

Interview by TVB Finance Channel《Success In Career》

TVB Finance Channel《Success In Career》interviewed the founder of Cue Children and the table etiquette teacher on 8th December 2017. Please click here to view the video.

News Interview by Sky Post

Dempster Chan, founder of CUE CHILDREN, recently participated in an interview with ”Sky Post”. He suggested that Hong Kong parents are way too busy with their work to spend enough quality time with their children. It is extremely vital for parents to teach their children proper manners and etiquettes. The courses and systems organised by CUE CHILDREN targeted children in Hong Kong in hopes of teaching them how to be accepting, loving and proactive.

News Interview by Hong Kong Economic Times

Dempster Chan, founder of CUE CHILDREN, shared his motivation in initiating his etiquette school for children with “Hong Kong Economic Times”. He suggested that, “Having good grades, for sure, is very important. However, if you want your children fulfilling their greatest potential, they must learn how to communicate with others in order to earn respects from their peers.”

News by CableTV

Skye Chan joined Cue Children Launch Party to get more details of the etiquette workshops.

News by HK01

Ms. Angela Tong and Ms. Margaret Chung also joined Cue Children Launch Party in Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

News by Headlines

Cue Children would also like to extend our appreciations towards the host Candice Chiu, the five starlets from “Little Big Master”.

News by

We are honoured to have Mrs. Mak Ho Siu Kwun Silvia as our guest to share her personal experience on nurturing her daughter.

News by Apple Daily

Cue Children successfully held our Launch Party in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. We would love to send our sincere gratitudes towards all the parents who participated in the party.

News by Sing Tao

Mrs. Mak Ho Siu Kuen Silvia is our guest to share her personal experience on nurturing her daughter in Cue Children Launch Party in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Cue Children on radio 903

A group of children which participated in the Cue Children’s etiquette workshop was invited to share their feelings and experience on the course on radio Commercial Radio Hong Kong 903《毒檸王國》.

News by Cosmopolitan

The popular young starlets from the movie “Little Big Master” were invited to participate in the exclusive trial social etiquette workshop designed by CUE CHILDREN.

News by Apple Daily

The three-hours tailor-made program was led by two experienced foreign tutors and a professional who teaches social etiquette at universities.

News by

The group of five was joined by three other male teammates. Through some ice-breaking games, tutorial videos and a simulated dining experience, the four core values of “confidence; patience; courtesy and sharing” were being taught to the participants.

News by

Even though no real food was being served in the simulated dining experience, the talented young actresses gave their all-in acting like they were in a fine dining setting. Jennie and Kitty even joked about it was unnecessary to serve them any pork as they are very faithful to their religion.

News by HK01

As the workshop came to an end, all five children agreed that they have learnt the importance of sharing and keeping eye contacts with the other parties when talking.

News by

They enjoyed the program thoroughly especially the “Escape Mission” game. As the game required excellent teamwork and cooperation, their bonds grew stronger and they were proud to complete the mission with the help from each other.

News by TVB Entertainment

When talking about taking up extracurricular activities, they were all content with the classes their parents had signed them up for. They enjoyed learning new things and found the classes very interesting. In addition to their academics and interest classes, they still have to fit in some modelling work and actings to their tight schedules.

News by BastillePost

Albeit their busy timetable, they love modelling and acting and are extremely grateful for all the opportunities their parents have set out for them.

Interview "The Five Children" by

Cue Children invited the five talented young stars from the movie “Little Big Master” to participate in the social etiquette workshop. All of them enjoyed the workshop thoroughly and said they have learnt so much from the workshop.

News Interview by HK01

The founder of Cue Children shared his personal journey and discussed the rationale for the establishment of the social etiquette school in a recent interview with HK01. The school’s professionally-designed courses will be aimed at pioneering an alternative form of education that supports the development of Hong Kong’s future young ladies and gentlemen. At Cue Children, children will learn not only basic table etiquette and formal grooming tips, but also social networking skills and proper comportment under pressure.

RTHK's Made in Hong Kong

Founder of Cue Children, guest starred on the RTHK program, Made in Hong Kong, and demonstrated proper table etiquette on stage, revealed that he was not born with silver spoon in his mouth. Mr. Chan attributes his success to his tenacity and “never-say-die” attitude. As a loving father, Mr. Chan understands the importance of etiquette education in the development of our society’s next generation.

Cue Children at DBC

Founder of Cue Children, guest starred on the DBC program, Super Classroom. Mr. Chan brought his children on set to talk about his experiences teaching them proper manners and prepared a little quiz for the program hosts, Gaga and Sugar, aimed at testing their knowledge of formal etiquette.