Advisers- Dr. Luis Go

  • Project Consultant in Parental Learning and Parent Education at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong.
  • Associate Director of Corporate Relations and MBA Admissions in Greater China for the IESE Business School.
  • Involved in various education initiatives in Hong Kong and mainland China: 1) Helping negotiate a joint venture between a first-rate European business school and a prestigious university in Shanghai; 2) Supervising a project for the development of a technical faculty in Guangzhou University, which was funded by the Italian Foreign Ministry; and 3) Assisting in the establishment of a secondary school in Hong Kong.
  • Dr. Go sits on the boards of both a primary school and a secondary school. He took an interest in parent education programs while working as the school supervisor of the Tak Sun Secondary School, which inspired him to research on parental learning at the University of Hong Kong.
  • His research findings were based on six concepts of parental learning, some of which are associated with deeper learning approaches, and others with more superficial learning approaches.
  • Dr. Go has conducted seminars on parental learning in Hong Kong and Singapore, and has presented his research findings on parental education in Germany, Singapore and Sweden.
  • Dr. Go obtained an MBA from the IESE School of the University of Navarre, a top-ranked business school. He also has a M.Ed. and a Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong.