Submission Deadline:
May 31st, 2021

Cue Conservatory is a high-commitment program for creating exciting showcases and performances with a theatrical troupe of 12-16 year olds who take performance seriously. Students will develop four main skills through this program, namely acting, singing, movement & dance, as well as musicianship (using instruments in performance).

Cue Conservatory also aims to create a free and unique tailor-made experience to take individual skills to the next level. In order to achieve that, we encourage collaboration between a diverse group of company members with a joint passion for creating show-stopping, engaging theatre.

There are also fringe benefits to joining Cue Conservatory. Through committed rehearsals and honouring the learning process, students will learn the four C’s which are often considered the most essential amongst modern-day skills.

The four C’s of 21st Century skills are:

1. Critical thinking
2. Creativity
3. Collaboration
4. Communication

This program is free of charge. Selected members are required to attend 90% of the course in each quarter to maintain the membership.