Advisers - Dr. Reuben Mondejar

  • Director of the Masters in Global Business Management Program at City University of Hong Kong.
  • Asian affairs commentator for international news providers such as CNBC, CCTV-China, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN & Thomson Reuters.
  • Academic appointments at Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, the IFO Research Institute (Munich) and the Kiel Institute for World Economics (Germany), among others.
  • Author/co-author of eight books, among which are Business Creativity (with A. Gogatz), Macmillan, London, 2005 (Russian ed, 2007), and Introduction to International Business & Globalization (with J. Onishi et al., 2010).
  • Dr. Mondejar’s articles have appeared in the popular press, as well as in academic journals such as the Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Management International Review, and the Journal of Entrepreneurship, among others.
  • Dr. Mondejar holds degrees in Economics, Finance, International Studies and Organisational Theory.